2024 Schedule

The 2024 Schedule is here and ready

June 8th- East & West Rush

July 13th- Mille Lacs

Aug 10th- Mississippi-Pools 4&5

Sept 14th- TOC- Le Homme Dieu

Top 30 % from each tournament will go to the TOC.

Tournaments are limited to 50 boats.

Registration will open 6 weeks prior to each tournament.

cost is $50 per boat.

Questions email Adam at or call 320-282-2349


2023 TOC Results

2023 BATS TOC Results. 

16 boats. 32 kids

 121 Largemouth Bass Entered and released which weighed: 142.84lbs

12- 5 fish limits

$500 Educational Scholarship recipients 
Theo and Ryland from Big Lake

Big Bass- 19.5 in , 4.16 lbs Wyatt from Cambridge /Isanti 

1st- Jaxson & Kraig – 14.04 lbs -Foley

2nd- Finn & Geno- 13.81 lbs -Buffalo 

3rd- Carson & Lee- 12.59 lbs – Brainerd

 4th-Ryan & Liam – 12.03 lbs  – Owatonna 

5th- Quinn & Max- 10.97 – Owatonna 

6th- Brayden & Tyler – 10.63 lbs – Owatonna 

7th- Ari & Isiah – 10.08 – Minnetonka

 8th- Josiah & Ben  – 9.98 lbs- Owatonna 

9th- Wyatt & Brody- 9.73 lbs C/I

10th-Graham & Marcus-9.73 lbs- Owatonna 

11th-Tucker & Logan – 8.71 lbs- Anoka/Ramsey 

12th- Landon & Jackson – 6.53 lbs- Minnetonka 

13th- Sam & Ben – 5.34 lbs – Otsego 14th- Kyan & Cooper- 3.82 lbs – Brainerd

 15th- Weston & Brecken- 3.55 lbs- Farmington 

16th- Theo & Ryland- 1.30 lbs- Big Lake

The top 2 teams Qualified for the TBF 2024 Junior World championship!!

We want to thank you sponsors . Please consider supporting these companies and the companies that sponsor your own team. 

Strike King 

Harvey Tackle 

Woman Anglers of Minnesota 

Ed Haus Foundation 

Champions Tour

 Capra’s Sporting Goods 

We want to thank all our Boat Captains, with out you we could not get the kids on the water. 

We are excited for next year.  We hope you come back to fish with us.

B.A.T.S. Board of Directors 
Jeffrey,  Adam and Jeff 


Osakis Results

First Place Angler

B.A.T.S. Osakis Results

Tough Fishing for most teams, but still lots smiles. A few Northern Pike and Walleye were caught too. 

16 Boats 32 kids
30 Largemouth Bass Entered and released 

6 Smallmouth Bass Entered and released 
Big Bass– 3.67 lbs- Liam L.

1st- Finn & Geno- 10.66 lbs

2nd- Theo & Ryland – 10.44 lbs

3rd- Wyatt & Brody- 8.87 lbs

4th- Jaxson & Kraig – 7.22 lbs

5th- Braxton & Liam – 6.62 lb

6th- Brayden & Tyler- 4.87 lb

7th- Josiah & Ben – 3.17 lb

8th- Graham & Marcus – 2.95 lb

9th- Trent & Gavin – 2.45 lb

10- Quinn & Max – 1.81 lb

11- Luke & Parker – 1.53 lb

12- Will & John- 1.16 lb

13- Wyatt & Emmett- 0

14- Ryan & Carter – 0

15- Rylie & Isaac – 0

16-Tj & Avery- 0

We want to thank our our volunteer boat captains! With out you the kids could not get on the water. 
We want to thank all our Sponsors:
The Bass Federation 

Lew’s ,Strike King, Rapid Marine, Women Anglers of Minnesota, Fish Donkey, Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance Harvey Tackle Ed Haus Foundation 
We had teams from The Bassinators Junior Fishing Club,  Owatonna Fishing Team,  Big Lake,  Farmington,  Cambridge/Isanti, Brainerd,  Foley,  Anoka/Ramsey 
This was our  Last regular tournament.  We want to thank all the teams that have fished with us this year !  We are excited for next year!
B.A.T.S. Board of Directors 
Adam,  Jeffrey & Jeff


Minnetonka Results

First Place Angler

B.A.T.S. Lake Minnetonka Tournament Results 
Saturday July 8th,  2023
13 Teams 
78 Largemouth Bass Entered and released 

Big Bass- 18 inches – Finn H.

1st- Graham & Marcus- 80.75 inches

2nd-Finn & Geno- 79.75 in

3rd-Weston & Brecken – 75.5 in

4th-Tucker & Logan – 74.25 in

5th- Sam & Ben – 73.75 in

6th- Ari & Isaiah- 69.25 in — 17in Bass

7th- Will & John – 69.25 in — 15in Bass

8th- Rylie & Isaac – 68.75 in

9th- Aiden & Kayden – 57 in

10th- Theo & Ryland – 48.25 in

11th- Brody & Wyatt – 44.25 in

12th- Wyatt & Emmett – 41.5 in

13th- Mark & Carson- 28.75 in

14th- Ryan & Liam – 0

Top 5 teams advanced to the TOC in September .  2nd place team is double qualified, so we moved the 5th qualifying spot to 6th place.

We want to thank all our Sponsors,  Parents,  volunteers and parents. 

Thank you ,
B.A.T.S. Board of Directors 


Registration Information

Registration Information:

Registration is done on the FishDonkey app.
Search B.A.T.S and the month on the app.

Registration for each of the 3 B.A.T.S. Tournaments will open 6 weeks prior to each tournament.

Registration schedule:

B.A.T.S. June Tournament
Apr 29th -8am for the event on Jun 10 on Woman Lake

B.A.T.S. July Tournament
May 27th 8am for the event on Jul 8 on Minnetonka

B.A.T.S. Aug Tournament
July 1 8am for the event on on Osakis

The top 30 % of registered field will advance to the TOC on Sept 9th on Clearwater

$50 per boat. Both youth anglers must be TBF JUNIOR members. If not registered with a club let us know.


2023 Schedule

All tournaments will use the FishDonkey App – Catch Record Release

All tournaments are 7am – 1pm

We are excited to announce our 2023 schedule:

June 10- Woman Lake

July 8- Minnetonka

Aug 12- Lake Osakis

Sept 9- TOC Clearwater

The 4 tournaments will be limited to 50 boats.

The 3 qualifying tournaments will take the top 25% of registered field to the TOC.

Registration will be be done on the FishDonkey app 6 weeks prior to each tournament.

Fee per tournament is $50 per boat.

We are really excited for the 2nd season of B.A.T.S.! All permits are approved.


TOC Results

1st Annual B.A.T.S. TOC

Saturday September 17th, 2022Lake Mille Lacs 

20 Teams

41 fish entered and released

 40- Smallmouth Bass 

1- Largemouth Bass 

McQuoids $500 Scholarship- Donovan and Logan

Top 2 teams Qualified for the 2023 TBF JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Big Bass- 21 inche Smallmouth Bass                  Liam L.
1st- Logan and Gunner- 97.25 in

2nd- Ryan L and Liam L – 95.25 in

3rd- Jacob H and Beckett M – 84.25 in

4th- Carson M and Kyan B – 64.25 in

5th- Nathan S and Austin H- 52.5 in

6th- Graham W and Marcus W- 50.5 in

7th- Landon B and Frank D- 46.25 in

8th- Finn H and Geno R – 36 in

9th- Connor B and John C – 33.25 in

10th- Quinn M and Max K – 20.25 in

11th- Maxwell K and Bentley S – 20 in

12th- Laken P and Ethan M – 19.25 in

13th- Austin and Jimmy- 18.75 in

14th- Donovan Y and Logan X- 17.75 in

15th- Trevor T and Connor T- 0 in

16th- Wyatt L and Emmet L- 0 in

17th- Rylie B and Issac L – 0 in

18th- Avery J and Lilyanah Z – 0 in

19th- Caroline S and Maxwell P – 0 in

20th- Austin L and Rowan K – 0 in

We want to thank McQuoid’s Inn and Event Center for Hosting our Tournament. 

We want to thank all our Sponsors for supporting our tournaments.

We want to thank all the Boat Captains. Some of which had never fished for bass on Mille Lacs. Some take out kids that are not theirs. 

We want to thank all the parents for getting your kids to our tournaments and supporting their passion. 

The kids battled rain and wind in the morning, but toughed it out all day into the sunny weather.  Several kids had never been on Lake Mille Lacs before! Some caught their first Smallmouth Bass! 

 We hope everyone had fun this season. 
We will see you next summer.



Clearwater Tournament Results

B.A.T.S. 4TH Stop

Clearwater Lake 8-27-2022

20 Boats

91 Largemouth Bass Entered and released 

Big Bass – Ryan A. – 3.52 lbs

1st- Logan and Gunner – 11.69 lbs

2nd- Quinn and Max – 10.99 lbs

3rd- Donavon and Logan – 10.96 lbs

4th – Trevor and Connor – 10.37 lbs

5th – Graham and Marcus – 9.92 lbs

6th – Nathan and Austin  – 9.10 lbs

7th – Finn and Geno – 8.35 lbs

8th – Rylie and Leo – 8.24 lbs

9th – Allie and Lyndsey – 7.58 lbs

10th – Andrew and Matthew – 7.28lbs

11th – Jack and Issac – 6.84 lbs

12th – Tristan and Ryan – 4.48 lbs

13th – Sam and John – 4.33 bs

14th – Quinn and Tanner – 3.75 lbs

15th – Drew and Connor – 3.65 lbs

16th – Grayson and Brayden – 2.11 lbs

17th – Casey and Roudin – 1.45 lbs

5 Teams that qualified for the TOC :

1- Quinn and Max

2- Donovan and Logan

 3- Trevor and Conno

4-Graham and Marcus

 5- Finn and Geno

We want to thank all our Sponsors that help make this events possible:

Dairy Queen of Annandale 

Tutts Bait And Tackle

 Harvey Tackle Co 

Rapid Marine of Shakopee

 MG Lures 

Edward Jones Finacial- James Chapman 


Champions Tour-by Classic Bass 

McQuoids Inn 

Capras Sporting Goods

 Ultimate Boat Wraps 

Women Anglers of Minnesota 

Fish Donkey App 

Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance 

Ed Haus Foundation

 Dietz Watson Meats


We also want to thank our boat captains, with out you we could not get the kids on the water.

Thank you for a great Inaugural B.A.T.S season.  We hope everyone enjoyed it.  TOC info will go out soon. 


North Long Tournament Results

1st Place team of Ryan L and Liam L

B.A.T.S. North Long Tournament Results 

21 Boats

160 Largemouth Bass Entered and released 

Big Bass- Carson B. – 3.08 lbs

1st- Ryan L and Liam L.  – 13.59 lbs

2nd – Rylie B. and Issac – 12.86 lbs

3rd – Connor B and John C. – 12.26 lbs

4th – Logan A and Gunner A – 10.59 lbs

5th – Wyatt L and Emmet L. – 10.46 lbs

6th – Carson M and Kyan B – 10.07 lbs

7th – Tristan M Hunter C.. – 9.96 lbs

8th- Avery J. and Lilyanah – 9.55 lbs

9th – Grayson P and Will A – 9.16 lbs

10th – Quinn and Max – 9.04 lbs

11th – Austin L and Rowan K – 8.57 lbs

12th – Calee R and Emmy Y – 8.35 lbs

13th – Landon D and William- 8.32 lbs

14th – Grahm and Will – 8.06 lbs

15th – Nathan S and Austin  H – 6.04 lbs

16th – Josiah T and Brayden S – 5.63 lbs

17th – Andrew L and Matthew C – 5.34 lbs

18th – Jacob E and Trent B – 3.31 lbs

19th – Linden F. – 2.70 lbs

Every team got a prize!
We have away over $1,300 in prizes!!

Mille Lacs Lake
Saturday September 17th Pizza party Friday September 16th

McQuoids Inn
Top 25%  of field.  With double qualifying we move down to the next spot.

1- Ryan L and Liam L

2 – Rylie B and Issac

3 – Connor B and John C

4 – Tristan M and Hunter C

5 – Avery J and Lilyanah

We want to thank all our Sponsors: Tutts Bait And Tackle, Scheels, McQuoids Inn,  Harvey Tackle, FishDonkey,  Mille Lacs Smallmouth Alliance,  Rapid Marine,  Champions Tour/Classic Bass,  Ultimate Boat Wraps,  Dietz Watson,  Edward Jones Finacial,  

We want to thank Tom with Church of the Nazarene in Merrifield for letting us use the parking for our awards ceremony and for grilling the hot dog’s for all our teams!

We want to thank all our boat volunteers! With out you these kids could not go fishing. 

We want to thank all the parents for bringing their kids to the tournament. 

Only 2 weeks away until our next B.A.T.S. tournament on Clearwater Lake in Annandale.  Please spread the word and go get registered. 

Any questions or comments to make our B.A.T.S. Tournaments better please let us know. 



Spots still open for North Long and Clearwater Tournaments

B.A.T.S still had spots open for teams to register for the North Long and Clearwater tournaments. Please go on the fish donkey app and search B.A.T.S and what tournament you want to register for.