Registration Information

Registration Information:

Registration is done on the FishDonkey app.
Search B.A.T.S and the month on the app.

Registration for each of the 3 B.A.T.S. Tournaments will open 6 weeks prior to each tournament.

Registration schedule:

B.A.T.S. June Tournament
Apr 29th -8am for the event on Jun 10 on Woman Lake

B.A.T.S. July Tournament
May 27th 8am for the event on Jul 8 on Minnetonka

B.A.T.S. Aug Tournament
July 1 8am for the event on on Osakis

The top 30 % of registered field will advance to the TOC on Sept 9th on Clearwater

$50 per boat. Both youth anglers must be TBF JUNIOR members. If not registered with a club let us know.